Animal Science Games for the Elementary Classroom

This file contains 8 fun classroom games to reinforce animal concepts such as animal groups, habitats, homes, movement, similarities and differences.

Games encourage body movement, teamwork, and recall of science information.

All games are fun ways to review information while building bonds of friendship amongst classmates. Enjoy!

Goals of the games

Animal Science Games for t Elementary School Grades ClassroomAnimal Habitats
Goal – Produce an animal name which lives in a given habitat.

Think Fast!
Goal – Categorize animals based on a variety of characteristics.

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?
Goal – Explain how an animal is like another animal.

It’s in the Bag
Goal – Group animals according to common characteristics.

When Dogs Fly!
Goal – Determine how different animals move from place to place.

Animal Syllables
Goal – Recognize animal names when given the name’s syllables.

Fish Talk
Goal – Learn the names of different kinds of fish.

Got Your Tail!
Goal – Review 5 animal group names.

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