Squirrel’s Funky Flower Garden (Art Lesson Celebrating Diversity & Acceptance)

Goals of the lesson:
Students will discover and recognize diversity in the world around them.
Students will explore ways they can show acceptance of things that are different from what they usually experience.

What is Diversity?
Diversity means that there is a difference between two or more things.

What is Acceptance?
Acceptance is an acknowledgment that something is welcome and worthy of inclusion.

Materials Needed:
The Observation Game cards. (included)
Diversity and Acceptance vocabulary cards. (included)
Story Squirrel’s Funky Flowers. (included)
Large sturdy drawing paper.
Crayons, markers, or paints.

Part 1: Play The Observation Game with your students.
Part 2: Read the story, Squirrel’s Funky Flowers.
Part 3: Back to the Game.
Part 4: Art – Create a Unique Flower

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