Colorful Zebra Classroom Theme Art (Part 2)


Materials Included:

This beautiful product contains original colorful zebra artwork to give you more of what you’ll need to set up your zebra-themed classroom.

11 pages of color-word posters that you can use to set up your
color-word word wall.
11 numeral posters (#s 0-10) which each include the numeral, written word, and a visual representation of the number.
26 letters-of-the-alphabet posters with vowels in a different color.
12 months-of-the-year headers with beautifully patterned backgrounds to fit pocket-chart calendars.
7 days-of-the-week headers to fit pocket-chart calendars.
31 numbers to fit pocket-chart calendars.
21 “special class” cards to go behind the days-of-the-week cards or the number cards.
75 “special days” cards to go behind the number cards.

Kat and Squirrel - Get the Artwork Now
Be sure to check out the first Colorful Zebra Classroom Theme. All artwork in this product will match the first product: