Camping Science – Sound and Light Unit for First Grade – ADD ON

Light and Sound - Camping Unit - ADD ON - Kat and SquirrelHappy back-to-school time!  I am so grateful to my squirrely sister for creating these gorgeous (OK, cute) “I Can” statement cards (see link) for my NGSS physical science unit.  I really think my first graders are going to love them and I hope yours do too.  

Since my sis was doing such a great job with the “I Can” cards, I thought I’d throw a little more at her.  (What are sisters for anyway. :)) Sooooooo, I whipped up (yeah, right) some rubrics to go with each of the Kat and Squirrel Go Camping chapters and asked her to include the rubrics with the “I Can” cards.

Bonus!  I have been keeping my teacher materials for this unit in a binder.  I use the front page as a cover. But….. the edge looked a little drab.  Designer sister to the rescue! Now we can all have awesome binder edges to go with the super-cool cover.  (Sorry I’m that kind of nerd that way.)

I hope you love these additions to the Kat and Squirrel Go Camping unit as much as I do!

Kat (and Squirrel)


This product is made to be used with the super fun Kat and Squirrel Go Camping – Sound and Light Unit for First Grade NGSS unit.

NGSS “I Can” Cards – This product includes “I Can” statement cards for all 4 of the Next Generation Science Standards first grade Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer and one card for the k-2 Engineering Design standard.


Rubrics to assess each student on their understanding of each chapter.

Kat and Squirrel - Get the Lesson!