Volume Levels Poster

Volume Levels Poster - Kat and SquirrelWho hasn’t struggled trying to keep student volume under control? When my school started PBIS I wondered if this was really possible. I was very happily surprised that when all of the teachers were on board, teaching specific volume levels for certain locations in and around the school, it actually worked!

Please don’t assume that your students understand appropriate volume levels – teach them, then reteach, and reteach again.

This product allows you to choose one of the 7 “Volume Levels” posters (disregard the other 6 after you make your choice) to use as your class’s or school’s guide to volume levels. Or you could write your own words in on the “blank” paper provided.

Teach students what each of your chosen volume levels sounds like. Use the scenario cards to role play the use of different volume levels. Ask your class to write their own scenarios specific to your school for each of the levels.

Post the papers with a single volume level in the areas of your room or school that you expect to hear each level. (Example: Level 0 poster in hall.)

And laminate single volume level posters to hold up in the classroom indicating which volume level you’d expect to hear at any given moment. (Example: Level 2 is displayed during collaboration time. Level 1 during a “turn and talk”.)

Give it a whirl – it’ll be music to your ears!

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