Care About Students

 Show People you Care - Look them in the eyes when you talk to them.Care About Students – Create a unique human connection with each student.  Look them in the eye when you talk as much as you can.  Let them know through your actions and words that each one of them is uniquely important to you.  Without a doubt, no teacher is expected to “like” every student he or she teaches in the great span of a teaching career – but that teacher can make sure every student feels “liked”.  We all know the unlikable ones are the ones who need our support the most.  Rita Pierson says it much better than I can in this passionate talk below.

One way to build positive relationships is to discover the interests of your students.  Who loves to ride horses? Who knows sports stats by heart?  Who writes computer programs for fun?  If you use these passions as a way to tie home life to the school curriculum the interest level soars. And so does the FUN.

After all, if not for listening to my little ones I would have never known that President Theodore Roosevelt had a badger for a pet, football players wear tight pants so the other team can’t grab on to them, or that sometimes I look like I was too tired to brush my hair. Really? Just try to have neat hair after recess duty. 🙂


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