What Your Classroom Theme Says About You

If your elementary school is anything like mine, every teacher has a yearly theme.  Over the years I’ve had smiley faces, frogs, bears, flowers, rainbows, cats and dogs, and wild animals.  I try not to change too often because I enjoy my sanity (what’s left of it anyway).  So I thought we could have a little fun with classroom themes.

Classroom Themes - what do they say about you? The first draft of my little personality test was delivered to Squirrel and she took out a red pen and slashed at all of the “too harsh” statements.  (Really, is “sometimes you smell like seaweed” really that harsh?)  So anyhoo, she prettied them up a bit and shazam – here you go  – read on to see what your classroom theme says about you…..

(All personalities are based on fictional teachers. No descriptions are of actual teachers or classroom.  If you take any of this seriously we will find you and feed you to the sharks! – Seriously – she won’t let me write that either?!)

Wild West: You are as intensely trustworthy, passionate and hardworking as any cowpoke.  People know they can count on you to dig in and get the messy work done. But your mind may want to wander to greener pastures a bit too much. Be sure to stick with a project all the way to completion before you get along little doggies.

Bubblegum: You are alert and happy.  When you come to a party the mood naturally becomes effervescent.  But sometimes you have a hard time seeing that others might not be as pinkalicious. Remember to stop and notice what others are going through.

Construction Work: You are great at getting others to work.  Delegation is your favorite word. But you need to remember school is not all about putting your nose to the grind stone. Remember to have some fun before getting down to business.

Carnival/Circus: You love luxury and the exotic. You enjoy learning about strange and new things. Foster that sense of curiosity, but keep in mind others might not be quite as adventurous as you. Some of that cautiousness might be good to consider. Remember to take a moment to think before you jump off that high wire and use a safety net for goodness sakes.

Stars:  You are a born leader. You’re super smart and like to know everything that’s going on around you.  Be sure you don’t have too many stars in your eyes when it comes to projects though. When others voice concerns, be ready and able to focus.

—Shameless Promotion: Check out Kat and Squirrel’s Classroom Star Theme here.

Popcorn: You are super creative and people seek you out for advice. But like popcorn flying out of the pan, remember to take some time each day to ground yourself, or you might be out of the popcorn pan and end up straight in the fire!

Owls: You covet wisdom gathering in any form whether it be listening, reading or contemplating. But keep in mind that wisdom gathered does no good unless it is shared. Instead of just using your eyes, be sure to spend time hooting out some of your knowledge as opportunities come your way.

Rock & Roll: You are independent and free. You teach to the beat of your own drum.  Keep a-rockin, but remember to be mindful of your neighbors. (Not everyone likes AC/DC.)

Fish: You are a natural entertainer.  When you tell stories people are compelled to listen. But don’t forget to turn that fish-eye inward every once in awhile to check-in on your emotions. Sharing your inner feelings will make them laugh even harder when you do the fish lips.

Cupcakes: Who can resist you? You have a lot of friends because of your sweet and delicate personality. But try not to spread the frosting too thick all the time, some people don’t have a very big sweet tooth.

Farm: You are a helpful, generous, and popular person. You are not afraid to dig in and get dirty. You strive to create things that are worthwhile. But remember to keep things fresh by adding some play to your workday.

Sports: You are a person of action.  Not one to sit around, you pump everyone up and spur them into motion. But remember not to get caught up reliving last night’s big game in the teacher’s lounge for too long, or you’ll end up having to work late to get the job done.

Under the Sea/Ocean:  They say still waters run deep and your insight and creativity is (almost) limitless.  But those deep blue thoughts may have you seeing only the ocean and not the plankton. Remember to look at the details as well as the big picture.

Dinosaurs: You are strong, loyal and protective. You love history and tradition.  But keep in mind the dinosaurs went extinct! Be open to change and new ideas or you too might go the way of the tar pit.

Hollywood: A natural performer – you love to talk, act, sing, and dance.  But any good show has supporting as well as leading roles. Remember to hand out awards to your supporters. Also be willing to take a supporting role at times so that other have a turn to shine.

Pirates: Arrgh, matey. You are a lover of adventure and tend to be open-minded and curious. But let a landlubber cross you and you tend to hold a grudge. Remember to let go of small grievances. Don’t make everyone walk the plank.

Stars and Stripes/Red, White, and Blue:  Loyal and true, you have a strong moral code.  People know that in an emergency you will take charge.  But passion and loyalty can sometimes cloud your vision. Be sure to take a look at different cultures and see what gems of brilliance can be drawn out from the opinions of others.

Beach: You are a fun-loving and free spirit. You bring joy and harmony to every situation. But a surfer dude can get a bad rap, man. Make sure others see that you can be serious and hardworking when you need to.

Out of this World/Space/Rockets: You are very intelligent and lean towards the fantastical. The world is full of out-of-this-world possibilities. Sometimes you can be too far out there for some and need to remember to come down to Earth from time to time.

Garden/Flowers/Bugs: You are at one with nature and enjoy the cycle of life as well as learning.  You do not sweat the small stuff. Be sure to enjoy your garden as well as tend to it. When pulling those nasty weeds, don’t forget to stop and smell the jasmine! From time to time, breath in deep and look up instead of down. Take some time to dream.

Camping: You love peace and tranquility. As much as nature, you enjoy reading, traveling and puzzles.  But all that time in the woods, can make you forget to speak (and share). Quiet time is great, but don’t forget to let the words flow out of you too.

Panda: You are playful, outgoing, social and courageous. People often come to you for advice and a quick pick-me-up.  But remember, pandas are both black and white. You might normally be up, but there is another side to you. Make sure you get your belly rubbed too. Find some people who can be your pick-me-up panda in return.

Mustache: You are playful, yet love order and routine. Your classroom is neat as a pin.  (It is rumored you are the custodian’s BFF.) But keep in mind a few stray (or grey) hairs never hurt anyone. Don’t be afraid to get a little messy and see what wonderful magic can happen.

Rubber Ducky:  You are extremely flexible, yet great at keeping your ducks in a row.  People like you because you have such a sunny disposition.  But you watch that squeak! Too much quacking can make other’s row their boats in another direction. Learn to bob and weave in conversation.

Rainbow: You are highly intelligent, colorful, and inventive.  You may even have your own special language. But remember not everyone can burst with color or imagine the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow like you can. Sometimes you may need to pick a palette instead of using all the colors at once to get your point across.

Dogs: You are happy and generous and you love to do for others. You can easily see both sides to any argument and are often called upon to mediate. But the phrase isn’t “let sleeping dogs lie” for nothing. Remember to build in that down time into your schedule.

Pet Shop: You love companionship and are a superb listener. You tend to be a guardian to others. But remember your pet training – you need both discipline and love. (After all, nobody wants the snake “hugging” the rabbits.)

Zoo: You’ve never known an adventure that seemed too extreme.  You are always up for anything.  But too much activity can make the animals cranky! Be sure to plan those low-key times as well as time to swing from the vines.

Bears: You are a strong survivor! With a quiet authority, routine and order come naturally. But keep in mind cubs need to play too. Be sure to let out your silly side as often as you can. Yo, Boo Boo, you want a pic-a-nic basket?

Ice Cream:  Variety is the spice of life and you have the colorful personality to go with all the flavors. You can blend seamlessly into almost any situation or group. But sometimes instead of blending you need to remember to be your unique delicious self. Taste all the flavors, but don’t forget to choose to be you!

Nautical/Sailboats: There is nothing like the wind behind your sails as you set off for the open sea. You crave smooth sailing and a calm ship-shape classroom. With nautical precision you keep everything organized and moving along. But too much order can lead to mutiny! Don’t forget to keep the crew happy by dancing a few jigs from time to time. Every once in a while put your captain’s hat away and join the crew!

Safari: A little on the wild side you tend to be playful and adventurous.  Yet you have an artistic side and see beauty in almost everything. Instead of always having your eye on the horizon though you need to remember to bring your eyes back down to the ground in front of you (and the present moment).

Zebra: You are strong, beautiful, and agile. You know your unique strengths, but thrive in a large group setting. Be sure to keep your composure though and not always follow the pack. It’s okay to make yourself stand out a little more by being yourself.

Dots: You are very neat and organized.  People know they can count on you because your work is always excellent and on time. But being right to the point can get you in trouble sometimes. Make sure you soften your  statements with people who can’t handle your directness.

Monkeys: You are fun loving and naturally curious. You love learning and teaching and learning about teaching.  But even if life can be a barrel full of monkeys, remember to show your practical side or no one will take you seriously.

Frogs: You are fun, energetic and charming.  People feel great spending time with you. Your charisma can be magnetic, but be careful not to overdo it. You don’t want someone kissing you by the copy machine just to see if you turn into their prince/princess.

Bees:  You are active, brave, and energetic. You’re endowed with many talents and intelligences that you love using to help others.  You live to serve the queen. Just be sure to know who your queen is, or people will take advantage of you.

Race Cars: You are fast, strong, and triumphant.  You have a real zest for life and work very well on a team.  But sometimes your competitiveness can cause problems.  Remember to keep your wrench in the toolbox when things get heated.

Superheroes: You are steadfast, successful, and always willing to help. You don’t need a jacket – you’ve got a cape. But your superhero ways are masking a soft side. A soft side that others would love revealed. Let yourself be unmasked and real as often as you can.

Trains: You get the job done no matter how big the obstacles are.  You’re strong and persistent.  People love to work with you because you always do your share.  Be careful not to hook too many cars to your engine.  Be aware of your limit so others don’t take advantage of you.