Love Languages – Everybody Has One

The teacher-student relationship is of utmost importance when it comes to learning.Five Love Languages At School

Gary Chapman, PhD and Ross Campbell, MD have written some awesome books about the 5 Love Languages.  If you’ve never read them – do it.  And visit their website, to find out your primary love language.  Their advice is eye-opening and sooooo helpful when trying to show your appreciation to others.

In their books they state that everyone has a primary way that they like to give and receive love and appreciation.

The five love languages they describe are:

Words of Affirmation – this language is all about using kind and encouraging words – frequently.

Acts of Service – people in this group see a helping hand as a sign of affection.

Receiving Gifts – for these people gifts are proof that you think about them and that you care.

Love Language Posters

Love Language Posters

Quality Time – this language requires giving others your full and undivided attention. Be present.

Physical Touch – closeness and touch help this group to feel a connection to you.

Figuring out the primary love languages of the people you care about will help you build strong relationships. And the teacher-student relationship is of utmost importance when it comes to learning.

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 Check out the book:
The 5 Love Languages of Children


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