Model Imagining and Questioning

Imagination and a pile of scraps make for a sturdy learning pedestal.Share your spontaneous inventiveness and let the kids share theirs.  Express curiosity and discuss the FUN of learning new things even at your (oh so very old) age.  A “Wonder Wall”, described in the book A Place to Wonder by Georgia Heard and Jennifer McDonough (, where people can post ideas they wonder about is a perfect start to get knowledge seeking started.

A great Earth Day (every day) activity is turning trash into treasure.  Arvind Gupta demonstrates some amazing inventions made from things he found lying around.   He proves that it doesn’t take a lot of money to create a huge educational impact.

Now I know why I save every little thing saying, “I think I could really use this for something.”  I can’t imagine what this man would do with my stash – but then again, maybe I should start imagining.  I would need a little help from my kiddos of course.

P.S. If you are as fascinated by any and all foldables as I am, here is a link to the a site about “flexagons” (that paper circular thingy he was playing with).

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