Let Them Work

Help your kids catch the "I can" bug - www.KatandSquirrel.comYou don’t need to be in control of every decision in the classroom.  Allow the kids to come up with creative solutions to classroom problems and jobs that need to get done.  People love to contribute and even have FUN while doing it.  I am always amazed when my students beg to stay in from recess to clean the room.  (If only this would happen at my home!)

Giving kids challenging work that matters and letting them know you trust that they can accomplish the task helps them feel that they are capable.  If they fail, (and they will) make sure to discuss what they did well and how they think they might change things if they were to try again.  When kids feel capable and in charge of their own learning, they gain inner contentment, excitement and joy.  Which, in my world, translates to FUN.



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